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Here you are.

    Don't worry, there is nothing to be scared about ! It's just my  journal. Because my previous commission's sheet was lost in my other arts, I wanted to make something who would last. So, I can begin by saying that you have the right to ask me everything. I have no limits to make my clients happy.

    I can draw: " Hentai / Yaoi or Yuri / Gore / Horror / NSFW in general / Furry / Mecha / Oc's / Fanart " ... in fact, anything which can pass into your mind, if you want me to draw it, I will. At least, I'll give my best.

Traditionnal :  +1€ per other character | +1€ for background
   Size Portrait : 4€                                   Size Buste "Halfbody" : 7 €                           Size Entier "Fullbody" : 9€

Mixed Media :  +3€ per other character | +2€ for background

 Size Portrait : 10€                               Size Buste "Halfbody" : 13€                          Size Entier "Fullbody" : 16€
(I don't have example of "Fullbody" in Mixed Media yet to present, maybe soon. ♥)

Digital Painting :  +5€ per other character | +3€ for background

     Size Portrait : 18€                            Size Buste "Halfbody" : 23€                       Size Entier "Fullbody" : 26€

Realistic Painting :  +7€ per other character | +5€ for background

     Size Portrait : 28€                           Size Buste "Halfbody" : 32€                             Size Entier "Fullbody" : 39€                                   

(I use a photography for thoses realistic paintings, that what I'll ask you if you want me to do something like that.)

Chibi is not my cup of tea, so I have no example to show you.
But if you want something like this from me:
Traditional : 2€
Digital : 5€

    I hope you'll find something good enough for you to ask me. We can also talk about a custom price for a specific project ! I have no exemple in spirit, but I am very open-minded so I am sure we'll be great friends ! Paiement by Paypal, I'll ask you this before giving you the drawing. I know how hard it can be to trust by internet, so I'll give you a closed piece of the art to prouve you that I made it. I truly want you to be happy by my services. Your commission will ask me the best of myself and I'll improve with you by my side ! ...I'll stop the dramatic and romantic speech here.

    See you later, maybe. ♥

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